Beth Cruickshank
5 stars *****
Katia helped me stay calm and confident so I didn't stress or make to many silly mistakes. She always explains everything simple as well as helping me work it out on my own.

Victoria Stewart
5 stars *****
I started driving with Katia after a slow start with another instructor. When Katia came to see me and went through the LDC workbook etc I was really impressed. As my lessons progressed Katia really helped my confidence grow behind the wheel of a car. I can't thank Katia enough for all her help and coaching in making my learner driving enjoyable and safe. I would definitely recommend Katia as a driving instructor to all my friends and family without any hesitation. Thanks so much Katia from a new driver Victoria.

First time pass
Amazing instructor, passed first time. Very helpfull positive feedback and student centred learning. My lessons were so good, making sure that everything I was worried about was covered. I will recommend Katia to others.

Lauren Connell
First time pass
Katia is amazing, I couldn't have done it without her. She really helped me feel comfortable in a car and helped me relax and enjoy driving.. her techniques are clear, and she teaches manoeuvres with ease! I only had 15hours of lessons with Katia. ( Having had previous lessons in the past with someone else) and passed with only 1 minor! Thank you Katia for all your help! I have enjoyed every minute and will miss our lessons Highly recommended!

Charly Anne Fox
First time pass
So, let's throw this out there, I have had hundreds of driving lessons, three tests and never managed a pass because I completly fell apart when it came to the test. I booked a test booster with Katia, we identified the key issues and I passed. Katia's really straight forward, tells you what you need to know and do and worked a miracle...

Victoria March
First time pass
Katia is the best driving instructor ever! 5 stars all the way! She made me feel at ease on every lesson and dealt with my episodes of panic like a pro. Would recommend her to anyone. I really enjoyed our lessons and she got me through first time. I dont think anyone else could have got me through in such short time.

Chris Yon
Passed first time
Katia is the best instructor with great knowledge and confidence building skills.

Mark Gibson
First time pass
I passed my test at the first attempt thanks to Katia. This was because Katia is a fantastic instructor, she supported me through nearly the whole process and even when it was tough for me. Katia also built up my confidence when instructing me to drive. She explained things calmly when things weren't going right and complemented me when things were going right. Katia did her best to fit in lessons and was very flexible and went out of her way to fit me in. I would highly recommend Katia to anyone wanting to learn to drive in a calm and structured environment. Thanks Katia As every word is true..... You've been great and helped me through my test.

Suzie Whiffen
First time pass
A great instructor who helped me to work on things I struggled with from my first and kept me calm throughout the course of lessons I had. I would definitely recommend Katia and other LDC Instructors, their way of teaching/coaching is excellent. Thanks for everything

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